The Dumb Bunnies by Dav Pilkey


Summary: Dav Pilkey, the famous author of the Captain Underpants series has written this hardcover book called the Dumb Bunnies. I am laughing hysterically just writing about this book! The main characters in this book are Poppa, Mama and Baby bunny who are each dumber than the other. They do dumb things like eat chips with a straw, if their porridge is cold, they blow on it, if it is hot, they warm it in the microwave and when it’s just right, they pour it on their pants! They had a picnic in the carwash, they went ice skating “in” the lake and they “bowled a home run at the library”!

My opinion: The funniest part of the book for my mom was when they were going to the city, they decided to take their bikes, to get some exercise, and ended up carrying the bikes on top of their cars, because they are so dumb! My favorite part was when Baby Bunny flushed Little Red Goldilocks down the toilet and Poppa Bunny said “That’s my boy!” This is a very funny book and would appeal to young as well as old readers.




Llama Llama, Mad at Mama


Today I read this book by Anna Dewdney to PinkNinja.

Summary: In this book, Llama’s Mom takes him grocery shopping with her. He was playing with his blocks and toys, so he was not happy to go! In the store, everyone and every thing was bigger than him and it took too long, especially waiting in line, so he got so mad that he threw everything out of the cart!

My opinion: This is a good book because all kids will identify with Llama, who would rather play than go on a boring and never-ending shopping trip. The best part of this book was when he threw a tantrum and messed up the store floor! I recently went to Ikea with my mom and it was the most boring trip ever! My mom wanted to look at and touch each and everything when we had only gone there to buy a computer desk and a chair for me! Wow, I thought that trip would never end and I would be celebrating my 60th birthday over there in Ikea in Aisle 8 Bin C! 😀


Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!


This is a book by Mo Willems, the popular author who has written many funny books like: Knuffle Bunny, Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and the Elephant and Piggy series. Here’s a link to the author’s website for cool book related information and cartoons!

Mo Willems books are a favorite in our house especially for their silly stories and illustrations! Both PinkNinja and I love reading them and I’ll tell you a secret….. every time I go to the library, I always try to find the Elephant and Piggy books 🙂 even though they are for toddlers and far below my reading level. I tell my mom that I’m picking them up for PinkNinja but they are really for me 😀 …. Shhh….

Summary: In this book, the man (Pigeon’s owner) tells us that it is Pigeon’s bedtime and he asks us to make sure that Pigeon doesn’t stay up late. But the Pigeon makes a lot of excuses like “It’s the middle of the day in China” and “Can I have a glass of water” to avoid being sent to bed! And finally, the Pigeon is so tired that he falls asleep, dreaming of a hot dog party, right before the man comes back!

My opinion:  Very silly book! Toddlers, babies, grownups, every body will love this book! PinkNinja wants me to read this book over and over again!


The Enormous Crocodile – Roald Dahl


My sister PinkNinja picked out this book from the library because it’s cover showed a giant crocodile with his mouth open.  There are also some scared looking kids on the cover.

The book tells the story of an enormous crocodile who wants to eat kids for lunch. He makes a plan and disguises as various kid friendly things like a coconut tree, a see-saw and a park bench to try to make the kids come near him. The other animals ( monkey, hippo and a crane) hate his plan and try to save the kids by stopping him. In the end, the elephant swings him faster and faster and faster and finally throws him into outer space!

My sister wasn’t scared at all with the book and laughed at the funny things that the other animals did to the crocodile.

Too Many Toys


This book is by David Shannon, the same author who wrote the very laugh-aloud funny book called “No, David”! I read this book to my sister Pinkninja yesterday.

Summary: Spencer has too many toys! His room is filled with toys and his mom is always tripping over a lego piece! Will his mom tell him to donate those toys that he no longer plays with?

My Opinion: The illustrations in this book are very funny and great, especially the mom’s screaming expressions! You can see that he has a trillion toys, and something needs to be done about it. 😀

How do Dinosaurs Clean their Rooms?


You must be thinking why I am reading a baby book. Well, actually, I am reading it to my baby sister (we’ll name her PinkNinja for this blog) who is almost three years old. She’s a sweet kid, although she sometimes troubles me. She is always after my life to read her a book. Her favorite TV shows are Curious George and Calliou.

Summary: This book is about do dinosaurs clean their rooms neat or messy!

My opinion: For little kids, this is a funny book and has neat pictures of dinosaurs.