Is He a Girl? Marvin Redpost # 3


Summary: A girl in Marvin’s class tells him that if you kiss your elbow, you’ll turn into a girl. He tries to kiss his elbow and he does it. After that, he starts feeling girlish! Is it true that kissing your elbow will turn a boy into a girl?

My opinion: This was a very interesting book in the Marvin Redpost series. Being a boy myself, I really wanted to find out if it’s true. I finished reading it in one sitting and  I knew that I would never kiss my elbow because I don’t want to turn into a girl 😉 Ha ha! The cover illustration also just grabs your attention and you really want to know what this book is all about.



Marvin Redpost Series – Louis Sachar


Marvin Redpost series has 8 books in it, written by Louis Sachar. The main character is Marvin Redpost, who is a 9 year old,  third grader.

The other characters are:

Stuart Allbright: Marvin’s best friend, has a dog named Fluffy.

Nick Tuffle: Also Marvin’s best friend, very brave, rode his bike down steep “suicide hill” and makes fun of Fluffy!

My opinion: The books in this series are very funny and also, the events are described in wonderful details. I keep on reading these books without stopping because I am curious to know what happens next.

Here is the link to the author’s website, in case you want to look at the list of the books in the series.