Lego Ninjago Character Encyclopedia


This is the coolest Lego Encyclopedia ever for boys! (My opinion!)

This book is about the Lego Ninjago characters and Lego sets.  It has descriptions, pictures and weapon technology and vehicles for all the Ninjas,  and the villains, the Snakes and the Skeletons.

My favorite hero Ninjago character is Cole. He is the leader and he’s the strongest. My favorite villain character is Python because he’s the leader and he’s rough and tough.

I read this book very often and I enjoy looking at the pictures of all the Ninjas and especially, their vehicles and weapons!

There is even a gallery in the back that has pictures of all the lego sets in the series. Some of the sets are Spinjitzu Dojo, Fire Temple, Destiny’s Bounty and Epic Dragon Battle.

I loved that the book came with a Green ninja ZX Lego minifigure.