Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants


Captain Underpants is a series by Dav Pilkey. This is one of the most favorite series for boys, in my opinion. I think boys are more immature so they love any stories that have poop, underpants and gross stuff in it! (I’m laughing hysterically here :D)

Main Characters in the series are:

George and Harold are two best friends, neighbors and fourth graders who think that school is very boring.

Captain Underpants is the main character in a series of comics written by George and Harold.  He is always dressed in underpants and a cape and turns bald. He is very silly and kind to all kids.

Mr.Krupp is the school principal who is very strict and mean. In the first book of the series George and Harold hypnotized him using the 3D Hypno-ring and ever since then, he changes into Captain Underpants, everytime someone snaps their fingers. To get him back to Mr. Krupp, someone has to pour water on him.

Summary:  This is the fourth epic novel in the series. The school gets a new science teacher Prof. Pippy Peepee Poopypants.  The kids make of fun of his name and he gets mad, so he makes a giant robot to shrink everyone and change their names and Captain Underpants fights with the robot to bring everyone back to normal size.

Check out Dav Pilkey’s website for cool Captain Underpants stuff!



Marvin Redpost Series – Louis Sachar


Marvin Redpost series has 8 books in it, written by Louis Sachar. The main character is Marvin Redpost, who is a 9 year old,  third grader.

The other characters are:

Stuart Allbright: Marvin’s best friend, has a dog named Fluffy.

Nick Tuffle: Also Marvin’s best friend, very brave, rode his bike down steep “suicide hill” and makes fun of Fluffy!

My opinion: The books in this series are very funny and also, the events are described in wonderful details. I keep on reading these books without stopping because I am curious to know what happens next.

Here is the link to the author’s website, in case you want to look at the list of the books in the series.

The Class Trip from the Black Lagoon


Summary: In this book from the Black Lagoon Adventures, Hubie was in his bed thinking of where he would go on his class trip. When he slept, he was dreaming of Mrs. Green and Mrs. Fenderbender as a monster or a creature and going to the desert and forest with snakes and stuff. In the end, he finds out that his teacher and bus driver is not a creature or monster and they go to the zoo on the trip.

My opinion  I think this book was not that interesting. Some of the other books in this series have been better. I like the Black Lagoon picture books more than the Black Lagoon chapter books.

The Secret of the Cacklefur Castle – Geronimo Stilton


Summary: Creepella Von Cacklefur (a spooky name!), Geronimo’s  friend invited him to her family’s haunted castle. Geronimo is very freaked out because he is in a very ghostly castle (remember, he’s a scaredy mouse!) Will he able to escape?

My opinion: I liked this book from the Geronimo Stilton series because it started with a scary beginning and ended with a happy ending! There was a funny cockroach in it and Creepella’s family members were looking scary in the pics. They even had scary names!

Geronimo Stilton Series


The Geronimo Stilton series is written by Edizioni Piemme. Geronimo is a mouse living in Mouse City and his sister’s name is Thea Stilton. He has a cousin, Trap, who plays jokes and scares him (Geronimo is a scaredy mouse!)! Geronimo is the editor of The Rodent’s Gazette newspaper and he really loves to write stories. All the books in the series describe his adventures!

Main Characters:

Geronimo Stilton: A mouse, an editor of a newspaper, very smart!

Thea Stilton: Geronimo’s sister and reporter at the newspaper.

Trap Stilton: Geronimo’s cousin, a prankster. Owns a store.

Benjamin: Geronimo’s 9 year old sweet nephew.