App Review Monday – Quell



My mom recently got this game for me and it’s a great game for both of us to play. There is a water droplet (which is very fragile, of course) and you have to navigate it through a series of mazes and collect the pearls in the smallest number of moves possible. There are also spikes and switches and other things. There is a tutorial that explains very easily about the different levels and obstacles.

I would recommend this game to anyone who loves to think while playing!



App Review Monday – Bag It!


Every Monday, I will be reviewing an app ( you know, I don’t just read books all the time, I play games/do stuff on my iPad too)

Bag it! is a grocery store bag packing game. You have this bag that you have to fill up with stuff like milk cans, chips, watermelons, breads, juice etc and you have to bag them in such a way that theĀ heaviestĀ ones are on the bottom and the lightest ones go on the top to not crush anything. Also, the bags have to be packed in such a way that space is not wasted. Plus, they want to make each level harder so when you get to the next level or so, the heaviest items keep coming towards the end, so it gets tricky to save space for the heavy items that come last but need to be packed at the bottom.

This game reminds me of that Curious George episode, in which George took part in a grocery bag packing contest!

This is a great strategy game that requires some brain skills, so I like it!