The Case of the Runaway Dog – Jigsaw jones


Summary: This is a Jigsaw Jones mystery in which Jigsaw’s dog is on a run and goes missing! Jigsaw and Mila try to look for clues and try to find the dog. One of the clues is a green leathery string that was on the dog’s collar.  That means that the person who took the dog, was wearing a green piece of clothing!

My opinion: This mystery was “unguessable”. I don’t think that’s a real word, I just made it up! 🙂 since if you put the prefix “un” in front of a word, it means “not”! Ha ha ha! I could never have figured out until I read the entire book. I finished it in 20 minutes.



The Case of the Great Sled Race – Jigsaw Jones


Summary: A boy’s sled is stolen two days before the race. Jigsaw and Mila help him find it!

My opinion: I liked this Jigsaw Jones book because the mystery was very interesting to read about. Jigsaw and Mila solved this hard one in only two days!