Horrible Harry and the June Box


Summary: In this one from the Horrible Harry series, there’s this June Box and the toys that people bring to school (which they are not allowed to) go in it. Song Lee brings an origami pig to show to the class but it goes in the June Box. Will she be able to get it back before it’s time to give it to her Grandmother’s birthday?

My opinion: This was pretty good. I liked it.


Horrible Harry in Room 2B


Summary: In this book, we read about Harry’s pranks when he was in Room 2B. Harry tries to make the girls scream by bringing a garter snake and Stub People (don’t ask who they are, read to find out!) Sidney, his enemy brings canary stickers and puts them on Harry’s lunchbox and new library book and then Harry takes revenge using a slug!

My opinion: This is a very funny book in the Horrible Harry series! Please don’t drink milk before you read this otherwise milk will come out of your nose while laughing! 🙂

Horrible Harry Series


The Horrible Harry series is written by Suzy Klien and it is about a boy Harry, who likes horrible stuff like bugs, slimy things and to mess around. The stories are told by this kid named Doug who is in 3rd grade who is Harry’s friend!

So the main characters are:

Harry: 3rd grader who loves slimy things. He calls his enemy Sid, “Sid the Squid”!

Doug: Narrator, Harry’s best friend.

Mary: She’s always thinking that she is the best in the room!

Sidney (He’s a boy): Harry’s enemy who teases Harry by calling him “Harry the Canary”!

Ida: Mary’s friend.

Song Lee: She’s a nice, well-mannered girl who never tattletales!

Miss Mackle: Teacher.

Mr. Cardini: The school principal.