A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon


Summary: Today, I read A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon, the famous author of the “No, David” books, to PinkNinja. This is about a girl who loves lima beans but she never ate them because her friends thought that it was weird of her to like them. So, she develops a mysterious disease which makes her skin turn different patterns like stripes, dots etc. Her parents call the doctors but even the experts can’t figure out what’s happening to her. All the news reporters find out and there is a crowd outside her ouse waiting for her to come out. Finally a mysterious lady, sweet as a strawberry, offers a cure for her illness.

My opinion: This book teaches an important lesson. And that is, never stop doing what you love even if the other people around you think its weird or different. In this story, the girl stopped eating lima beans for fear of being made fun of by her friends, and developed a case of stripes! She only got cured when she ate her favorite food.


Too Many Toys


This book is by David Shannon, the same author who wrote the very laugh-aloud funny book called “No, David”! I read this book to my sister Pinkninja yesterday.

Summary: Spencer has too many toys! His room is filled with toys and his mom is always tripping over a lego piece! Will his mom tell him to donate those toys that he no longer plays with?

My Opinion: The illustrations in this book are very funny and great, especially the mom’s screaming expressions! You can see that he has a trillion toys, and something needs to be done about it. 😀