About Me

I am an 8 year old boy, living in San Jose, California with my dad, mom and my almost 3 year old little sister. Here are 5 amazing facts about me:

1. I am fantastic at drawing imaginary superheros and naming them. I’ll write more about it in a future post.

2. Carrots, spinach and kale are the ONLY veggies that I will eat and my mom is after my life to start eating more veggies! Gosh!

3. I like ALL fruits except watermelon and avocado and you can find me snacking on my two favorites: mangoes and blueberries.

4. I love to play Transformers and  Beyblades with my friends (acting out and talking like the characters).

5. I enjoy Math and my favorite topic is multiplication. In my multiplication tests in school, I never run out of time and get every single sum correct!

In this blog, I will be writing about the books that I read, so are you ready to come on this journey with me? It’ll be stupendously awesome!

Wondering why I am calling my blog “Opinion Stack”? Check out the answer here!


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