Rules by Karla Kushkin (Poetry)

This is not a book review. My teacher Mrs. S said that each month, she will give us some poems and we have choose one, memorize it and then recite it in the class. For September, I chose:

Rules by Karla Kushkin

Do not jump on ancient uncles.

Do not yell at average mice.

Do not wear a broom to breakfast.

Do not ask a snake’s advice.

Do not bathe in chocolate pudding.

Do not talk to bearded bears.

Do not smoke cigars in sofas.

Do not dance on velvet chairs.

Do not take a whale to visit

Russell’s mother’s cousin’s yacht.

And whatever else you do do

It is better you

Do not.


I liked this poem a lot, so I wanted to write one like this. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting another version of Rules, written by Gravity Ninja! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of my poem, please!


Rules (Version 2) by Gravity Ninja

Do not take an ant to picnic.

Do not pack a selfish bag.

Do not play these with a snail,

Racing, jumping, swinging and tag.

Do not skip with an active monkey

Do not fly in a gigantic beehive.

Do not go bowling with an athletic tiger.

Do not take a shark for a dive.

Do not sneak your pet cobra to a

party where no snakes are allowed.

And whatever rules you might break,

You better not be







One thought on “Rules by Karla Kushkin (Poetry)

  1. Bravo! I liked your ending better.

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