On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer


Summary: On my Honor by Marion Dane Bauer is a Newbery Honor book that I recently picked up from the library. The book is about two best friends, Joel and Tony,  who go to the State park after promising their Dad that they will only go to the park and no where else. Joel dares Tony to go swimming in a dangerous river. Tony is not good at swimming and dies. Joel feels very guilty for being responsible for Tony’s death and for not keeping the promise that he made to his dad.

My opinion: This was a very sad, but great book to read. The way the author describes Joel and Tony swimming and Joel discovering Tony is lost and then finding him dead is very written and I could imagine myself being in his place. Joel feels bad because he was guilty for his friend. I would really feel bad too because my best friend dies and I’m the one who’s guilty. The lesson in this book is that you should always be safe and don’t go to dangerous places.



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