Rules by Karla Kushkin (Poetry)

This is not a book review. My teacher Mrs. S said that each month, she will give us some poems and we have choose one, memorize it and then recite it in the class. For September, I chose:

Rules by Karla Kushkin

Do not jump on ancient uncles.

Do not yell at average mice.

Do not wear a broom to breakfast.

Do not ask a snake’s advice.

Do not bathe in chocolate pudding.

Do not talk to bearded bears.

Do not smoke cigars in sofas.

Do not dance on velvet chairs.

Do not take a whale to visit

Russell’s mother’s cousin’s yacht.

And whatever else you do do

It is better you

Do not.


I liked this poem a lot, so I wanted to write one like this. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting another version of Rules, written by Gravity Ninja! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of my poem, please!


Rules (Version 2) by Gravity Ninja

Do not take an ant to picnic.

Do not pack a selfish bag.

Do not play these with a snail,

Racing, jumping, swinging and tag.

Do not skip with an active monkey

Do not fly in a gigantic beehive.

Do not go bowling with an athletic tiger.

Do not take a shark for a dive.

Do not sneak your pet cobra to a

party where no snakes are allowed.

And whatever rules you might break,

You better not be







On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer


Summary: On my Honor by Marion Dane Bauer is a Newbery Honor book that I recently picked up from the library. The book is about two best friends, Joel and Tony, ¬†who go to the State park after promising their Dad that they will only go to the park and no where else. Joel dares Tony to go swimming in a dangerous river. Tony is not good at swimming and dies. Joel feels very guilty for being responsible for Tony’s death and for not keeping the promise that he made to his dad.

My opinion: This was a very sad, but great book to read. The way the author describes Joel and Tony swimming and Joel discovering Tony is lost and then finding him dead is very written and I could imagine myself being in his place. Joel feels bad because he was guilty for his friend. I would really feel bad too because my best friend dies and I’m the one who’s guilty. The lesson in this book is that you should always be safe and don’t go to dangerous places.


Zac Power and the Poison Island


poisonisland-ZPThis was the first book of this series for me. Zac Power is a 12 year old spy who keeps getting into one adventure after the other.

I loved this book and I would be very interested in reading more of the series. There was a cool mystery in it, lots of secret agents, and a thrilling adventure. It was one of those books that you couldn’t put down until the end!