Creepela von Cacklefur (Geronimo Stilton) and the Ghost Pirate Treasure


I don’t know why, but currently, I just seem to be picking up the Geronimo Stilton books a lot! I think I just need to finish the entire series and only then will my brain let me move onto something else 🙂

Summary: In the Ghost Pirate Treasure, Billy wakes up and sees holes in the backyard. Then he decides to call Creepella to investigate. Then they go on a wild adventure to discover the Ghost Pirate Treasure!

My opinion: This was a very funny book like all the others. It was a very  exciting book. It was a little bit scary too!


App Review Monday – Quell



My mom recently got this game for me and it’s a great game for both of us to play. There is a water droplet (which is very fragile, of course) and you have to navigate it through a series of mazes and collect the pearls in the smallest number of moves possible. There are also spikes and switches and other things. There is a tutorial that explains very easily about the different levels and obstacles.

I would recommend this game to anyone who loves to think while playing!