The Monster’s Ring by Bruce Coville


Summary: The Monster’s Ring by Bruce Coville is another book in the Magic Shop Series. So far, I have read only two of those books and the only things in common in the series are Mr. Elives, his magic shop and two rats! A 5th grade boy named Russell goes to the magic shop and ends up buying a mysterious ring “Monster’s Ring”. The ring comes with the instructions that if you twist it while doing a magic chant, you will turn into a monster by growing horns and hair on the face. If you twist it twice, fangs are bared. Twist it thrice and….no one will dare! Russell uses the ring on Halloween and then goes out of control. Read the book to find out more about this enthralling adventure!

My opinion: When I read the back of this book, it was so interesting that it looked like a cliffhanger to me and I just had to start reading it right away! When Russell got bullied by Eddie, I was infuriated for him and when he started scaring Eddie, I was rooting for Russell. The story is scary in parts, as well as very comical at times, especially when describing Russell’s interaction with his Dad. Definitely a must read.


One thought on “The Monster’s Ring by Bruce Coville

  1. I love your blog! I’m putting a book on mine, an easy reader, if you want to follow along. Please be honest what you think! I have an almost 8-year-old son. He blogs about legos. Looking forward to your future posts!

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