The Dumb Bunnies by Dav Pilkey


Summary: Dav Pilkey, the famous author of the Captain Underpants series has written this hardcover book called the Dumb Bunnies. I am laughing hysterically just writing about this book! The main characters in this book are Poppa, Mama and Baby bunny who are each dumber than the other. They do dumb things like eat chips with a straw, if their porridge is cold, they blow on it, if it is hot, they warm it in the microwave and when it’s just right, they pour it on their pants! They had a picnic in the carwash, they went ice skating “in” the lake and they “bowled a home run at the library”!

My opinion: The funniest part of the book for my mom was when they were going to the city, they decided to take their bikes, to get some exercise, and ended up carrying the bikes on top of their cars, because they are so dumb! My favorite part was when Baby Bunny flushed Little Red Goldilocks down the toilet and Poppa Bunny said “That’s my boy!” This is a very funny book and would appeal to young as well as old readers.




One thought on “The Dumb Bunnies by Dav Pilkey

  1. Have you ever read The Stupids? I think you’d like it. We will check out Dumb Bunnies, thanks for sharing!

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