How do Dinosaurs Clean their Rooms?


You must be thinking why I am reading a baby book. Well, actually, I am reading it to my baby sister (we’ll name her PinkNinja for this blog) who is almost three years old. She’s a sweet kid, although she sometimes troubles me. She is always after my life to read her a book. Her favorite TV shows are Curious George and Calliou.

Summary: This book is about do dinosaurs clean their rooms neat or messy!

My opinion: For little kids, this is a funny book and has neat pictures of dinosaurs.


4 thoughts on “How do Dinosaurs Clean their Rooms?

  1. My son loves this book. He laughs and laughs and laughs. He’s 6 and still laughs at them. 🙂

    • We have a lot of these dinosaur series books and my sister loves them too. I like to read the long names of the dinosaurs. If you see around each dinosaur in the book, you will see its name written in bold!

      • Yes, I can never pronounce them, but I try my hardest. haha. These books are really great. This particular one was available with the tag jr. readers and my son always listened to it when we weren’t reading it.

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