Is He a Girl? Marvin Redpost # 3


Summary: A girl in Marvin’s class tells him that if you kiss your elbow, you’ll turn into a girl. He tries to kiss his elbow and he does it. After that, he starts feeling girlish! Is it true that kissing your elbow will turn a boy into a girl?

My opinion: This was a very interesting book in the Marvin Redpost series. Being a boy myself, I really wanted to find out if it’s true. I finished reading it in one sitting and  I knew that I would never kiss my elbow because I don’t want to turn into a girl 😉 Ha ha! The cover illustration also just grabs your attention and you really want to know what this book is all about.



Where the Sidewalk Ends – Shel Silverstein


My 3rd grade teacher has this book in our classroom library and everyday, she reads a one or two poems to us. All of us love this book and I recently got it from the library and showed it to my mom. My mom and dad were also fascinated with this book.

This is a spectacular poetry book! The poet, Shel Silverstein has written some very comical poems. Some poems are scary, while others talk about improbable stuff like the “man who lost his head”! Some others are just laugh-out-loud funny and others so ridiculous that you just have to smile at them. He paints such good pictures with his words, that you can almost imagine the poems happening in real life.  This is my favorite collection of poetry.

Here is an amazon link to the book.

The Case of the Runaway Dog – Jigsaw jones


Summary: This is a Jigsaw Jones mystery in which Jigsaw’s dog is on a run and goes missing! Jigsaw and Mila try to look for clues and try to find the dog. One of the clues is a green leathery string that was on the dog’s collar.  That means that the person who took the dog, was wearing a green piece of clothing!

My opinion: This mystery was “unguessable”. I don’t think that’s a real word, I just made it up! 🙂 since if you put the prefix “un” in front of a word, it means “not”! Ha ha ha! I could never have figured out until I read the entire book. I finished it in 20 minutes.


Math Curse


My math teacher has this book called “Math Curse” by Jon Scieszka in her class library and she reads it to us sometimes. I like this book a lot!

Summary: It’s about this girl who’s life turns into a big Math question after she hears her math teacher say that “everything in life can be considered a math problem!” Right from the moment she wakes up to everything she comes across in her day, she thinks of it in terms of math questions!

My opinion: It is a hilarious book that makes you want to grab a paper and a pencil and start working on the questions faced by this heroine. My mom loves this book too and we try to solve all the questions from this book together!. If you like Math, I would suggest that you get this book from your local library and have fun with it.

App Review Monday – Bag It!


Every Monday, I will be reviewing an app ( you know, I don’t just read books all the time, I play games/do stuff on my iPad too)

Bag it! is a grocery store bag packing game. You have this bag that you have to fill up with stuff like milk cans, chips, watermelons, breads, juice etc and you have to bag them in such a way that the heaviest ones are on the bottom and the lightest ones go on the top to not crush anything. Also, the bags have to be packed in such a way that space is not wasted. Plus, they want to make each level harder so when you get to the next level or so, the heaviest items keep coming towards the end, so it gets tricky to save space for the heavy items that come last but need to be packed at the bottom.

This game reminds me of that Curious George episode, in which George took part in a grocery bag packing contest!

This is a great strategy game that requires some brain skills, so I like it!

Llama Llama, Mad at Mama


Today I read this book by Anna Dewdney to PinkNinja.

Summary: In this book, Llama’s Mom takes him grocery shopping with her. He was playing with his blocks and toys, so he was not happy to go! In the store, everyone and every thing was bigger than him and it took too long, especially waiting in line, so he got so mad that he threw everything out of the cart!

My opinion: This is a good book because all kids will identify with Llama, who would rather play than go on a boring and never-ending shopping trip. The best part of this book was when he threw a tantrum and messed up the store floor! I recently went to Ikea with my mom and it was the most boring trip ever! My mom wanted to look at and touch each and everything when we had only gone there to buy a computer desk and a chair for me! Wow, I thought that trip would never end and I would be celebrating my 60th birthday over there in Ikea in Aisle 8 Bin C! 😀


Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants


Captain Underpants is a series by Dav Pilkey. This is one of the most favorite series for boys, in my opinion. I think boys are more immature so they love any stories that have poop, underpants and gross stuff in it! (I’m laughing hysterically here :D)

Main Characters in the series are:

George and Harold are two best friends, neighbors and fourth graders who think that school is very boring.

Captain Underpants is the main character in a series of comics written by George and Harold.  He is always dressed in underpants and a cape and turns bald. He is very silly and kind to all kids.

Mr.Krupp is the school principal who is very strict and mean. In the first book of the series George and Harold hypnotized him using the 3D Hypno-ring and ever since then, he changes into Captain Underpants, everytime someone snaps their fingers. To get him back to Mr. Krupp, someone has to pour water on him.

Summary:  This is the fourth epic novel in the series. The school gets a new science teacher Prof. Pippy Peepee Poopypants.  The kids make of fun of his name and he gets mad, so he makes a giant robot to shrink everyone and change their names and Captain Underpants fights with the robot to bring everyone back to normal size.

Check out Dav Pilkey’s website for cool Captain Underpants stuff!